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Domaine du Bocq is operated by Rocks 'n Rivers outdoor and events. This is a certified organization agenzy with more then 25 years of experience. 

Marlijne, Robin & Richard are the manager of Domaine du Bocq.
Marlijne has studied tourism and has a lot of expierence in this branche. She loves to be outside, do some outdoor activities, go skiïng and travel the world.
Robin is always outside, playing with a ball. He loves to play socces and to do all kind of outdoor activities. Besides that he travels the world with Marlijne to discover all kind of new cultures. 
Richard has a lot of experience with running a campsite in the Belgian Ardennes and supervising various outdoor activities.

Together with the rest of the Rocks 'n Rivers team, we ensure a pleasant stay at Domaine du Bocq.