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Rules Tourist pitches Domaine du Bocq

Dear camper, welcome to our campsite! We do our best to make your vacation as enjoyable as possible. For this there are some rules and agreements concerning the stay at Domaine du Bocq. By staying at our campsite, you accept the regulations below.

There are temporarily changed booking conditions related to covid-19: If the stay cannot continue due to negative travel advice or other corona related reasons, you can move the booking for free.

We do everything to ensure that the Corona campsite remains free.
We ask our customers to follow the rules as set out on the campsite and on this site.

Link to the Belgian foreign affairs information site

Arrival and departure
Upon arrival, we ask you to report to reception. Reserved places must be paid for on arrival. On the day of your departure, you must vacate the place by 12:00 noon and leave it clean and tidy.At the reception you will find information on services, sports facilities, activities and other useful advice on the Domaine du Bocq and its surroundings.

Dogs are allowed if they are on a leash. There is a contribution to bring the dog to our campsite. Therefore, always report your dog at the campsite. You can walk your dog outside the campsite. If your dog meets his needs, clean him up and get started. Dogs are not allowed near the sanitary building.

The customers of the campsite can receive visitors. There is a contribution to bring a visitor to Domaine du Bocq. So always register your visitors at the reception.

Campfire only in designated places for the campfire or in fire bowls. Keep the fire small and never leave it unattended. When a fire ban is pronounced, you must respect it. The collection of wood is not authorized by order of the forester. Firewood can be purchased from the director of Domaine du Bocq.

Environment and sustainability
Respect nature. Avoid litter, harmful flora and fauna, disturbance of the animal environment and stay on trails and roads. Hunting and fishing without a license is prohibited. Please dispose of waste separately in the appropriate bins. These are located at the front of the campsite. Chemical toilet: Wastewater spoils the environment and therefore your living environment.So don't throw it near your tent / caravan / motorhome but use the chemical toilet cistern for its. Use tap water and electricity sparingly.

Regarding playing children and campers, we ask that you drive slowly (5 km / h). Parents, guardians or guardians are at all times responsible for their (or their children), especially in the playground and on / in the Bocq river. For minor accidents: there is a first aid kit at reception.The emergency number in Belgium is 112. The consumption of drugs is prohibited. In summer, the railway is used by a tourist train. Therefore, do not walk on or next to the track during this time.

Sanitary facilities should always be left clean after use. We use the toilets / showers together so we have to keep them clean together. Also consider the person who comes after you. (Please do not use sanitary napkin, wipe in the toilet due to blockages). Small children only go to the toilet under supervision. Washing dishes is not allowed outside the sinks.

Respect other visitors to Domaine du Bocq. Don't make unnecessary noise. All visitors are silent at the campsite between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. The barrier will also be closed to traffic after 11 p.m.

Domaine du Bocq declines all responsibility in the event of theft, damage to your property or injury to campers, caravans, tents or guests with respect to camping at the campsite and to us facilities.

Shower token
There is no refund on the shower token.