Climbing adventure in the Ardennes

Experience the real sense of adventure so close to home? The Ardennes is the place to get your outdoor heart racing. What could be finer than hanging on to a rock face with a healthy dose of excitement and enjoying the wonderful nature around you?

Climbing in the Ardennes
The Ardennes is the perfect spot for beginners to experience their first outdoor climbing experience. Yet you as an experienced climber will not be disappointed here. The rock walls in the Ardennes are really not comparable with anything you can find in the rest of the Netherlands or Belgium. There are quite a few climbs to find here that are long and steep enough for experienced climbers to enjoy. Due to the height differences, there is enough variety during the climb. In addition, there are many pieces in the Ardennes where you can also abseil. Rewarded with a wonderful descent after the effort of climbing up, that's ideal right.

Sleeping in the Ardennes
The Ardennes are easy to reach from both Belgium and the Netherlands. A few hours from home you really have the vacation feeling and you can as an outdoor fan completely enjoy. Of course it's nice when you have all the peace and quiet to climb the rocks and have time to undertake various (climbing) activities. So take your tent and sleep a couple of nights on the rocks. Domaine du Bocq. Especially in the late season you can enjoy the surroundings which are a lot quieter. If you prefer to be sure of a dry spot, you can also bring your own camper. Or even more luxurious: a safari tent rental for a number of nights.

On an adventure in autumn
Especially after the summer it is wonderful to be able to enjoy everything the Ardennes has to offer. Especially on the dry days, the rocks. Also the perfect way to keep yourself warm on cold days of course. And if that didn't work out, it will be alright at the campsite. With a nice hot shower or warming up by the fire in front of the tent. We regularly have campfires on the campsite but you can also always rent a fire bowl for your own spot. Our restaurant is open all season for simple but good food. That's all you need, right?

The environment surrounding Domaine du Bocq certainly does not disappoint either. Surrounded by greenery and between the height differences of the rocks. Nearby you can enjoy climbing, think of Weesp or Durnal. In addition, you can as an outdoor fan also plenty of other adventure activities experience. Like making a nice trip on a mountain bike, crossing the river with a canoe or giving climbing an extra dimension with Via Ferrata.

Book a climbing vacation?
Did you get the itch to discover the beautiful Ardennes? Then take a look at our website to see if a climbing vacation might be something for you. As an experienced climber you are in the right place anyway. Do you like it very much but you have not hung on the rocks before? Then you can also climb with us during the weekends under the guidance of our enthusiastic and experienced instructors. They will introduce you to the wonderful world of climbing, abseiling or via ferrata. Who knows, maybe the next year you'll be climbing all by yourself.

If you have any questions or doubts, please be sure to take non-binding contact with us. Hope to see you soon!