I want to stay here for 100 days!

There was little chance that we would take the tent down from the attic this year. With the coronavirus roaming around and the third trimester of the pregnancy approaching it didn't seem like a good idea. Until the measures on campsites were relaxed sooner than expected. Green light. Oh well, and sleeping on an air mattress with a fat belly, there are worse things to think of, right? Because a year without camping, is a year not lived!

Domaine du Bocq
On arrival at the campsite in Purnode, I see two happy girls standing by the caravan, the nieces are already there. It is familiar territory for my sister (and me), because Domaine du Bocq was taken over this year by her previous employer Rocks 'n Rivers. She has guided outdoor activities for many groups here in the Belgian Ardennes. We regularly slept with family or friends in the former railroad hotel of Purnode. If you walk down from there, you are immediately in the large valley of the campsite. Our tent is nice and spacious on the green forest field with the tall trees. The sound of the flowing river makes you feel so relaxed. A short three-hour drive and it feels like a vacation far from home.

Lighting a fire
The chairs are in a circle, the fire is lit and the beer bottles and potato chip bags are opened. I see fireflies for the first time in my life; what a treat that we get to be here. After sitting at home a lot and not seeing many people, it is a relief to camp together. The youngest niece calls out I want to stay here for 100 days and prove her wrong. You can hike, mountain bike, canoe, mountain climb, abseil, or as a pregnant woman: hang out at the campground with an ice tea and limp.

What are we going to do?

Saturday begins with breakfast and making no plans. Followed by coffee and apple pie at the restaurant and for those who want a walk. The boyfriend dives into the mountains and the rest stays at the caravan for games. A vague plan emerges for an evening walk to the caves. It remains a plan, because from noon we sit in the restaurant for hours chatting. Oh well, we'll see the caves another time, eating marshmallows by the fire is just as special! That night we sleep tight and at 5 a.m. the birds give a grand concert near the tent.

Back to civilization
At the showers and toilets you have a lot of space, otherwise we don't think much about the coronavirus. The 1.5 meter distance is well imprinted on the campers and the staff wears masks in the restaurant. These three days feel like a week; reluctantly we pack up and head back to civilization. We slowly leave the green valley behind us, until next year!

Blog written by Karing: www.praatjevankaatje.nl