Luxury on adventure

When we talk about camping I think we all see roughly the same picture before us. Camping with the whole family or group of friends. Fiddling with setting up the tent, sleeping on your air mattress and being creative with one-pot meals. Delightful outdoor life or a little less delightful sheltering from the showers in your tent. Enjoying nature and going back to basics. For many people still an ideal vacation but we really understand that sometimes you just feel like a little more luxury.

For all those adventurous nature lovers, we have the perfect solution: all the benefits of camping life, but without having to take your entire camping equipment with you. The new back to basics: glamping. At campsite Domaine du Bocq this is now possible in one of the two luxury safari tents. You sleep in a large, fully equipped tent. You can hardly call it a tent though. There are even beds, a refrigerator, kitchenette and dining table. Almost a vacation home, but you can tell at home that you've gone camping.

Adventure in the Ardennes
You'll get that dose of luxury when you've slept wonderfully dry in your safari tent. After a good breakfast it is now time to go on your adventure. Because you don't come all the way to the beautiful Ardennes to sit in front of your tent, do you?

Domaine du Bocq offers various activities around the campsite. You can go climbing and abseiling from the rocks or prefer to go down with a scooter? If you prefer to stay with both feet on the ground you can also choose for hand archery or a nice GPS walking tour. Of course the area also lends itself perfectly to exploring by bike, rent a mountain bike from us to do this. And seeing the surroundings without a plan is of course also wonderful. Get lost in the nearby village of Dinant or in nature, it's all possible.

At the Table
The great thing about sleeping in a safari tent is that you have all the options. Weather or no weather, you can always cook in the tent. Enjoy a barbecue and the sun in front of your tent. Or relax after a long walk, cozy inside at the dinner table.

If you really want to go for luxury you can also have a bite to eat in the campsite restaurant. Good food so you can start again tomorrow on a new adventurous day. In the summer there are also several themed evenings. If you are lucky you will be there on the Italian evening. What could be better than a fresh pizza after a day of sports?

Under the stars
Enjoyment makes you tired, so you can flop down in the evening in complete satisfaction. Will you enjoy the clear starry sky outside or will you crawl into bed with a good book? Whatever it is, you'll go to sleep soundly. Tomorrow you will wake up to the sound of birdsong and hopefully the sun on your tent. We know, that safari tent is so nice that you almost don't want to leave it. But fortunately the beautiful surroundings will probably make you want to go on another adventure. And that nice tent? Luckily it won't be blown away and it will be waiting for you when you return.

Are you getting the itch to go on a glamping adventure in the Ardennes right now? Here you can see if there is a nice safari tent available for your vacation