On an adventure close to home

We are all ready for a vacation, enjoying the sun, doing nothing and getting different impressions. This year the summer vacation plans are perhaps a little different than usual. Some wait and book last minute while others immediately opt for a nice staycation.

Whatever your choice, you can come to Domaine du Bocq. A safe vacation, close to home but really feeling like you're on vacation, we can promise you. We are happy to tell you why a staycation at Domaine du Bocq is the perfect last minute vacation choice!

The benefits of a staycation
Okay, maybe it's a little cheating, because a staycation is a vacation in your own country. But if you come from the Netherlands or France we count Belgium just as well. Because it is the wonderful feeling of vacation but nice and close to home. You're so on your vacation destination and that means you longer in the place itself can enjoy your leisure.

Besides, it's a safe bet that you'll be back home in no time. If the measures become stricter, you can get into your car. In addition, you do not have to undergo quarantine or testing when you travel to the Ardennes (August 2021). Should the measures change then we always respond to this as quickly as possible and keep you informed of what is available.

What is there to do at the campsite?
Of course, you can also just want nothing at all on vacation, sometimes that's wonderful. Domaine du Bocq is perfect for that, enjoying the tranquility, the greenery and the water. If you still feel like some action, then you've come to the right place. Every day there are various organized activities At the campsite, for young and old. From a search in a cave to exciting climbing and abseiling adventures. Go for a ride on a mountain bike or with a GPS. In the evening, relax on the terrace or roast marshmallows by the campfire.

The surroundings of Domaine du Bocq
Outside the campsite there is more than enough to see. The cozy town of Dinant nearby, where you can also visit the caves or the beer brewery. A number of old castles and monasteries in the area, to sniff some history and culture. If you come purely for nature then you can also indulge yourself here. There are several beautiful hikes in the area or explore the neighborhood by canoe on the water.

Last minute vacation in the Ardennes
We understand that this year you prefer to book a vacation last minute. Wait and see what the measures do and whether it will be a nice summer. Fortunately, you have the opportunity to book a place at our campsite at the last minute, if there is space, of course. Put up your tent on one of our camping fields or go enjoy with the whole family in one of our group accommodations. The Ardennes is so close that we almost forget how beautiful it is. Maybe this year is the time to realize that you don't have to go far from home for that adventurous vacation feeling.

Of course you can always just contact to see what the current possibilities are. By car you will probably be in the Ardennes within a few hours, so go ahead and pack that tent. Will we see you soon for your wonderful vacation close to home?