Rules tourist sites Domaine du Bocq
Welcome to our campsite!
We do our utmost to make your vacation as enjoyable and pleasant as possible. To this end, some rules and regulations apply to your stay at Domaine du Bocq. By staying at our campsite, you agree to the following rules.

Arrival and departure
On arrival we ask you to report to the reception or café - restaurant. Booked pitches must be paid for on arrival. On your departure day you must leave your pitch before 12.00 noon and leave it clean and tidy. At the reception you can get information about the services, facilities, activities and other useful tips about the campsite and surroundings.

Dogs are allowed on a leash. However, there is a fee for this. Always report your dog at the reception. Pets will be walked outside the campsite. Should your pet do its business on the campsite, please clean it up and throw it away. Pets are not allowed in and around the sanitary facilities.

Camping guests are allowed to receive visitors. However, there is a fee for this. Therefore, always report your visitors to the campsite.

Campfires are possible at designated campfire areas or in the fire pits. Please keep fires small and never leave them unattended. If a fire ban has been issued due to prolonged drought, please respect it. Wood gathering is not allowed by order of the forester. Firewood is for sale at the reception or in the café-restaurant.

Environment & Sustainability
Respect nature. Avoid littering, damaging flora and fauna, disturbing the animal environment and stay on the paths and roads. Hunting and fishing without a permit is prohibited. Please dispose of your waste separately in the appropriate containers. These are located at the front of the campsite. Chemical toilet: waste water spoils the environment and your living space. Please do not throw it away near your tent/caravan/camper but use the cistern of the chemical toilet. Use tap water and electricity sparingly.

In order to protect children and other campers, please drive at a walking pace of 5 km/h. Parents or guardians are responsible for their children at all times, especially in the playground and at the river Bocq. For minor accidents: a first aid kit is available at the reception desk. The emergency number in Belgium is 112. Drug use is prohibited. In the summer period the railroad is in use by a tourist train. It is not allowed to walk over or beside the railroad.

Charging electric car
One electric charging station is available at the campground. Activation of the charging station can be done through the campsite staff. It is prohibited to charge an electric car at the regular power points on the campsite. 

The sanitary facilities must be left clean after use. Toilets / showers are used together and we must therefore keep them clean together. Also think about the person who comes after you (please no sanitary towels or cloths in the toilets because of clogging). Small children should only be accompanied to the toilet. Washing up is not allowed outside the sinks.

Please respect other visitors to Domaine du Bocq. Do not make unnecessary noise. Between 10 p.m. and 7:30 a.m., all visitors are required to be quiet on the campsite. From 23.00, the barrier will be closed to traffic.

River Bocq
In the small river that flows alongside the campsite it is not allowed to make dams or rapids. Fishing in the river is allowed at the campsite provided you have a valid fishing license.  

It is forbidden to play, swim or fish in the quarry. Fishing is only allowed at the campsite in conjunction with a valid fishing license.

Domaine du Bocq accepts no liability for theft, damage to your property or injury to campers or guests related to camping at the campground and use of its facilities.

Use of Gas(bottles)
Do not use gas appliances without supervision.
Install gas cylinders according to the instructions and do not store extra full or empty gas cylinders.
Limit the length of the hose connecting the cylinders to the devices to a maximum of 2 m. Replace the hoses before the expiration date or in case of deterioration (cut or cracked pipe).
Place clamps at each end of the hose. Keep gas bottles upright. Do not smoke while using gas cylinders. Do not use solid, or liquid fuel heaters without connection to an external flue. When using solid or liquid fuel heaters, ensure that the room is well ventilated (intake of outside air). Provide ventilation for the shower room. Maintain the cooking and heating equipment. Clean the extractor hood regularly. Keep a fire blanket and/or fire extinguisher nearby if necessary.

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