10 surprising activities near Dinant.

Are you on vacation and would like to do something, but you don't know what? We have something fun for you! We have the ten surprising activities in the surroundings of Dinant discovered. Read on and find out what there is to do in and around Dinant.

  1. Brewery du Bocq

This brewery started in 1858 and this is where the first beer was brewed. Here the well known beer: Blanche de Namur is brewed, for which the company won the gold medal in 2019. It all started small in the village: Condroz, but now this has grown to all international specialty beers. The brewery supplies to France, Holland, Italy, United States, Spain, China, etc. It is currently one of the largest independent breweries in Wallonia. If you love special beer and you are in the area, this is definitely a must! You can make an appointment for a guided visit via the website or by phone.

  1. IIe d'Yvoir

This is the only islet in Belgium where you can do different activities. Normally these islets on the Meuse can be viewed from the side, but in Yvoir you can go to the islet. This is a unique way to go on a beach, though without sand but with grass. You can spread your towel and enjoy nature and the view. The little ones are also thought of, as there is a playground and numerous water activities you can do. All this for only €3.50 per person over 12 years.

  1. Climbing & Abseiling & Via Ferrata

This is an outdoor activity that is organized by us. It is an adventurous hiking and scrambling trip, along a mountainside with steep roundings, not to mention the beautiful view. Besides this beautiful experience, you will also be properly secured and there are always experienced instructors with you. You can climb to a height of ± 55 meters. Are you a sporty person who likes adventurous activities, then this is definitely recommended! You can also book an overnight stay at Domaine du Bocq to join more adventurous activities. This activity costs €42.50 per person, lasts 3 hours and is suitable for ages 8 and up. This is definitely worth the money and you get a whole adventurous experience for free.

  1. Dinant Discovery

This is an activity that kids really enjoy doing. They get a backpack and follow a walking puzzle tour. In between, they can visit the citadel of Dinant. Besides giving a beautiful location over the city, there is also a playground for children. There is also a cable car and a terrace where you can take a break. This activity takes two hours and costs € 20.00 per backpack.

  1. Downhill Steps

This is an activity you must do if you like adventure. Before you start from the Domaine du Bocq campsite with the activity, there will be an explanation about the scooter. Then you will practice how this scooter works with an instructor. Then the scooter ride starts and you will pass crazy descents and beautiful views. This activity is suitable from 8 years and takes 1.5 hours.

  1. Furfooz Nature Park

This is for the explorer, who likes nature. There is a walk of about 4 km for young and old where you will find the most beautiful places. Besides nature, you can also spot birds such as falcons. Furthermore, there are also caves, which you can encounter along the way. The rate varies between 1 to 5 euros, but you can also buy a combo ticket to visit another attraction. The combo ticket costs a maximum of 9 euros per person.

  1. Old Railroad Train

This is a tourist attraction, where you can enjoy the bocq valley. The train leaves at Maison Régal of Domaine du Bocq in Purnode and passes through several villages. During the ride you will also enter a 500 meter long tunnel. The train ride goes to Ciney and back. The rates are between 6 - 12 euros and under 4 years it is free activity.

  1. Mountain bike rental

Do you enjoy cycling and discovering new paths in the process? Then mountain biking is fun to do. You can rent mountain bikes at Domaine du Bocq campsite in Purnode. Here you get a clear instruction how the bike works and then the mountain bike route begins. As a reward for your efforts, you get a descent where the mud splashes fly around your ears! You can book this activity for half a day for €17.50 or for a whole day for €25.00 per mountain bike.

  1. Hand Archery

This is an organized activity of the Domaine du Bocq campsite. The activities are supervised by trained instructors, from whom you will learn how to hold a handbow and how best to shoot. Together with the instructors you will have a super fun afternoon! The costs are 15 euros per person and the activity takes 1.5 hours.

  1. Canoeing on the Lesse/Sailing on the Meuse

Looking to cool off in the area? A nice route on the Meuse River and discovering the surroundings, that's what this activity is all about. Canoe boats can be rented for 1 or 2 people. You can choose from 12 or 21 kilometers of canoeing on the Lesse. If you do not feel like canoeing, no problem! You can choose from a comfortable round trip or go on your own adventure and rent a whisper boat. Here you do not need a license. This is definitely a must to do if you are in the area.