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Things to do near Domaine du Bocq
The surroundings of Domaine du Bocq offer a variety of activities and sites to do on your own. From tourist sites to culinary activities, there is something for everyone!

Tourist attractions Culinary Active
Old train Bocq beer brewery Anhée train ride
City and Citadel of Dinant Leffe Museum Ile d'Yvoir
Dinant caves Carcole beer brewery Furfooz Natural Park
Ruins of Poilvache Eat a Dinant cake at the Patisserie Fabrique de Couque Rent an ATV
Monastery of Maredsous Strawberry Museum Canoeing on the Lesse / Sailing on the Meuse
Perfume museum Wine tasting at Château Bon Barron GPS Tour
City and Citadel of Namur Culinary cruise on the Meuse Dinant Discovery
Han Caves and Wildpark Eat at Les Sossons des Cortils restaurant Junior Survival Tower
Chateau Veves Walking routes
Chateau Fryer   Cycling routes
Gardens of Annevoie Swimming pool, pleasure lake and Domaine Chevetogne playground
  Ciney indoor pool
Fabiola playground at the Citadel of Namur
  Horseback ride in the Lesse valley

Take a train ride on the old railway line
From the Domaine du Bocq, at the old Purnode station (Maison Régal), the old diesel train leaves for Ciney and returns in summer. A lovely walk through the Bocq valley, over old bridges and through dark tunnels. Have lunch at Spontin or Ciney, remember to take the last train back to Domaine du Bocq!

(Citadel of) Dinant
Dinant is only 7 kilometers from the campsite. It is a beautiful, historic town with a lot to see and experience.For example, climb the famous citadel of Dinant. This beautiful citadel is located on top of a rock and can be reached by a steep staircase or an elevator. Once at the top you have a beautiful view of the beautiful city of Dinant. Or try Dinant's famous Flamiche. A cheesecake that can be bought at any bakery.

Dinant cave
Visit the ancient caves of Dinant with a guide.

Ruins of Poilvache
The ruins of Poilvache, between Namur and Dinant, are one of the most extensive medieval castles in the Meuse (2.5 ha). They charm those who love nature and the past.

Monastery of Maredsous
A visit to this magnificent monastery is certainly worth it. Find out how the monks lived at Maredsous Abbey.

Delforge Perfume Museum (Namur)
Curious about how the best perfumes are created? Then visit this perfume shop in Namur. A visit lasts one hour and you will hear all the information via an audio guide.

Citadel of Namur
The Citadel of Namur is located on a hill 100 meters high above the Walloon city of Namur. It is one of the largest fortresses in Europe, well worth the detour!

Shopping in the pleasant center of Namur

To discover Namur, you have to take your time. You will be able to fully enjoy its heritage, the charm of its alleys, its terraces and its shops. From the top of the citadel to the banks of the Sambre, the Walloon capital has many landscapes to offer.

Visit the Brasserie du Bocq

Blanche de Namur, the famous beer brewed in this brewery, won the gold medal in 2019. Here you can go for the best white beer in the world! Visit this beautiful brewery and find out how they brew this delicious beer. This pretty brewery is less than five minutes drive from the campsite, well worth a visit!

Leffe Museum

An interactive digital tour of the "Maison Leffe". Discover the history of Leffe and taste different beers.

Anhée train ride
On a rail bike trip, you will cycle at your own pace along the picturesque valley of the Molignée.


Ile d'Yvoir
This small island is also the only island in Belgium. Worth a visit if you want to hike in nature or do one of the many water activities on offer.
Here we also offer water games for groups of 10 people or more!


Furfooz nature walk
Furfooz Park is both an archaeological park and a nature reserve. The promenade is four kilometers in total and is therefore also very suitable for children.


Mountain bike rental
Would you like to explore the region around the campsite by bike? No problem! By mountain bike, you access the most beautiful places in Yvoir and its surroundings. Beginner or experienced mountain biker, there is something for everyone.

Stroll around the Domaine du Bocq
The Domaine du Bocq is the ideal starting point for walks in the region. For example, walk to the old quarry or cross the river via a narrow bridge and visit a small cave. Good walking shoes are not a luxury!

Canoeing on the Lesse or Sailing on the Meuse with Dinant Evasion
Canoe: Kayak 12 or 21 kilometers on the Lesse and enjoy the magnificent surroundings. Yes, you can go on a kayak adventure for 1 or 2 people. Curious about the possibilities? Ask at reception for more information.
Navigate the Meuse: Discover the pleasure of nautical tourism and navigate by boat in the admiring valley of the Meuse. On the road yourself? No problem, Dinant Evasion offers whistle boats that you can drive yourself without a license. You can enjoy a boat with a maximum of 7 people and discover the landscape of the Meuse. Expensive a comfortable cruise? Then climb aboard the Copére or the Sax and discover the beautiful nature around the Meuse.